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Holly's Bio

Holly Copeland, MA is a certified Human Potential coach and Biofield Tuning Practitioner, NeuroMeditation and Subtle Energy Meditation teacher, and Reiki Master. She teaches non-dual awareness and subtle energy meditation techniques and uses neurotechnology, Reiki and tuning forks in transformative quantum healing experiences and in her coaching work.


Holly's childhood passion for maps, the environment, technology and spirituality initially led her to a 25 year career as a conservation scientist mapping the Earth's ecosystems with GPS. Heartbroken by the state of the planet coupled with a personal health crisis, she set out on a new path of healing and transformation. She shifted her focus from exterior to interior and rewired her brain to a state of resilience and joy.

Founder of HeartMind Alchemy, and as a former scientist turned meditation teacher and coach, Holly unites ancient wisdom with modern science and harnesses modern technology and neuroscience to empower clients on their path to human flourishing and upgrading from “ordinary mind" to luminous awareness. She guides people out of the muddy waters of the thinking mind to live in flow joyfully and effortlessly from their own inner compass--their own stable ground of being.


Possible Interview Questions and Speaking Topics

Possible Interview Questions

  • What does it mean to live from your inner GPS and how can you connect to it?

  • How can we live a life of flow, calm, and happiness?

  • What is the importance of accessing and embodying our true self?

  • Combining ancient wisdom and modern science - Why is this the ultimate life-hack?

  • Why is meditation and the turn inwards so critical to happiness?

  • How can non-dual awareness be a path to effortless meditation?

  • How can we overcome the trap of not-enough and live from wholeness?

  • How can technology and biofeedback devices help rewire your brain for calm and happiness and support our healing process?

  • What does it mean to upgrade from ordinary to awakened mind?

  • What is your perspective as a conservationist on how awakened consciousness is critical to solving the global environmental crisis?

Speaking Topics

  • From Chaos to Clarity: My Journey to "Step into the Flow Life”

  • How to reprogram your subconscious and re-wiring your nervous system with the breath 

  • The power of vibrational tuning - how tuning forks can lead to greater health and wellbeing

  • Upgrade from Ordinary to Awakened Mind: A 21st Century Approach to Mind Training (aka Meditation)

  • Combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Rewire Your Brain for Inner Calm and Clarity

  • 5 Tips to Enhance Your Meditation With the Help of Neuroscience and Neurotechnology

  • The 10 Minute Best Life Hack: A Clear, Awakened Mind is Closer Than You Think

  • What I Learned Tracking My Brainwaves for 6 Months and How You Can Map Your Brain Too

  • Living From Wholeness: A Conservationist's Perspective on How Awakened Consciousness is Critical to Solving the Global Conservation and Humanitarian Crisis

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